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Fragrant Tillandsia Collection #1 – 7 Different Species

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Fragrant Tillandsia Species Collection #1

The collection includes 7 different species of fragrant flowering Tillandsias(Airplants).

Each species has a unique flower and scent. It is quite amazing how much scent is produced from such small flowers.

Included in this collection are the following species:

Tillandsia caerulea- Blue flowers.

T. crocata Giant Form- Light yellow flowers.

T. caliginosa- Yellowish-orange flowers and prolific propagator.

T. diaquitensis- Beautiful white flowers.

T. xiphioides- White flowers with a unique camphor like scent

T. straminea-Bush Form- Purple and white flowers.

May or may not be in bloom at the time of purchase depending on the season but we will send plants in bud whenever available.

Very easy to grow and propagate.


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