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Tillandsia-Fragrant Species

A selection of species which produce fragrant flowers.

Tillandsia caerulea

This is a species from the arid regions of Ecuador and Peru.

Forms huge dense colonies of fine, wispy plants.

A slender spike produces purple fragrant flowers.

Cultivate in a bright, airy spot, water sparingly and allow to dry quickly.

Single plants approximately 5-8 inches tall.


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Tillandsia caerulea-Gray form- Hanging Clumps

A different form of T. caerulea in a hanging cluster.


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Tillandsia caliginosa-Fragrant Species

A fragrant flowered plant with thin, recurved leaves forming a fan shape.

Clumps easily growing into a ball-shaped cluster.

Likes bright, airy conditions on the dry side.


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Tillandsia caliginosa x crocata-Fantastic Hybrid of 2 Fragrant Species

An incredible fragrant hybrid and a personal favorite.

This hybrid of 2 fragrant Tillandsia species creates a plant with beautiful light yellow and extremely fragrant flowers.


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Tillandsia crocata-small clumps

A true jewel from Brazil with buttercup yellow flowers that have one of the sweetest fragrances in all the bromeliad world.

A miniature clump-forming plant with silvery trichome coated leaves.

Thrives mounted on nearly any substrate, kept bright, out of full sun and not too wet.

Small clusters about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.


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Tillandsia crocata v. tristis

Another form of T. crocata that has small orange-yellow flowers but with a huge sweet fragrance. Small clumps 1-2 inches tall.


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Tillandsia duratii-Medium Plants

Hang this species in a bright location and water and feed regularly for eventual huge growth.

Approximately 7"-10" in size.

An easy to grow unusual species.

Considered by many to be the most fragrant species of Tillandsia.


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Tillandsia ixioides "Fragrant Dwarf"

This small form of Ixioides with very stiff leaves has an amazingly strong fragrance from beautiful bright, buttercup yellow flowers.

Easy to grow, produces numerous offsets and flowers easily.

Looks great mounted on cork bark and grown bright and airy.

Becomes a very attractive ball shaped clump when grown as a hanging cluster.

May or may not be in bud at time of ordering.


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Tillandsia narthecioides-Single Plants-RARE NIGHT BLOOMING FRAGRANT SPECIES


Single plants of this fragrant species.

This is a very desirable species from Ecuador and Colombia.

Has thin grassy green leaves getting around 10 inches or so in diameter.

A night flowering species producing white very fragrant blooms.

This is a water-loving species and is an excellent choice for terrarium/vivarium use.


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Tillandsia "Peru Inca Gold"-Fragrant Flowers

A very easy to grow Tillandsia that produces light yellow fragrant flowers.


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Tillandsia purpurea

Nice 5-6 inches or more tall species with fragrant flowers


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Tillandsia purpurea X (Purple)

A beautiful Tillandsia with stiff, mauve purple leaves.

Produces a red and purple fragrant inflorescence when blooming.

Easy to grow and propagate.


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Tillandsia reichenbachii

This species looks rather like a small version of Duratii and has similar looking purple flowers that are intensely fragrant.


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Tillandsia straminea-Bush Form – small

A fragrant species and prolific pupper becoming a large cluster in a few seasons.

4-5 inch plants


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Tillandsia straminea "Bush"- Large Plants

Nice large plants.


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Tillandsia streptocarpa

Delightfully fragrant species with purplish flowers.


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Tillandsia xiphioides-Magnificent Fragrant Flowers

Beautiful white fragrant flowers approximately 1 inch across are produced by this unique species from Argentina.

Plants are typically 4-7 inches tall.


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Tillandsia xiphioides- Small Seed Grown Clumps

Nice small seed grown clusters of this fragrant species.


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