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Airplant/Tillandsia 10 Different-Collection#1-E Z 2Grow

10 Different and Easy to Grow Tillandsias -Collection #1

It's been said that the genus Tillandsia is the most diverse single genus in the entire plant kingdom. This collection offers some of that diversity of form, size, color and flower. This selection includes one species that will produce fragrant small flowers when it blooms. The plants in this collection range in size from around 2-8 inches in height.

Each plant will be tagged and identified!

Printed care instructions included with every order


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25 Different-E Z 2Grow Deluxe Collection#1

A money saving collection of 25 different Tillandsias illustrating the amazing diversity of this genus of plants in size, form and flower. Will include at least one fragrant species.


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30 Different Tillandsias- Deluxe Collection #2

A great collection of 30 different Tillandsias.

The plants in this collection range in size from 1 inch to approximately 6 inches tall.

Each plant will be tagged and identified.

Plants may or may not be in bloom at the time of purchase depending on the season.


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