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Tillandsia Species-L

Tillandsia latifolia 2-4"

Small 2-4 in. Plants

There are many forms of Latifolia found through out Central and South America.

This one takes on a beautiful golden-green color in strong light like the one in the second photo.

These are small single plants 2-3 inches tall.

Very easy to grow and can get 9-12 inches tall or more.

Produces a simple short dull red-orange inflorescence when in bud.


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Tillandsia latifolia "Anaconda"- Large offsets

A giant form of Latifolia from Peru.

A caulescent plant that just keeps growing and growing.

Like an Anaconda!

The first photos show some of our large specimens and large plants we have sold. The last 3 photos show some of the large offsets we are offering.

A very fast growing Tillandsia getting 4-6 feet long.

Get one of these young plants and grow your own monster.


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Tillandsia limbata

Produces a long lasting purple and green inflorescence with white flowers.


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Tillandsia loliacea- Ex-Large Specimen Clusters

Ex-Large Specimen Clusters of this miniature Tillandsia species.


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