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Tillandsia Species-K

Tillandsia karwinskyana


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Tillandsia kolbii- Small Plants

Young 2-3 inch plants.

Very easy to grow and propagate.

Also known as Tillandsia ionantha v. scaposa


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Tillandsia kuntziana-

A beautiful large plant that gets over a foot tall and around 13-14 inches in diameter.

Formerly known as T. kruseana "Red".


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Tillandsia krukoffiana- Medium Single Plants

Becomes a large beautiful impressive plant up to 3 feet tall.

Attractive dark green foliage with maroon undersides.

These are beautiful young single plants around 7-9 inches tall like the ones in the first 3 photos.

The last 3 photos show larger mature plants.

Can be grown potted or as an epiphyte.


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